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We would love to come out and talk to your small or large group.

It has been my experience that a good way to get the courtship message out, is by talking to people. I find that in our culture that we like it short and sweet. Some people will not sit down and read a book, but will give up an evening if they can get the information all in one shot.

We have a presentation that we give to groups of any size, from a support group on up. We do not charge a speaking fee.  We do ask that a freewill offering be passed  to help cover the expenses, we will come out for what ends up in the offering *.  We also would like to set up a book table so that people can leave with resources in their hands.  

I do not consider my self a professional speaker. I am a father that is looking for something different for his children and would like to pass on the information that I have found to other people. Our talks have had great attendance and the feed back that we have receive have stated that they are very helpful.

* Please note we will have to consider distance and travel expenses when accepting engagements on these terms. We may have to decline a talk due to distance and expenses, but please contact us and we will see what we can work out.

For more information please go to the contact us page.

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The Ultimate Homeschool Expo
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