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Before the Kiss is a homeschooling family-based ministry. We would like to take a moment to tell the story on how we got here.

I met Mr. Wright back in 1985. We dated. I was encouraged to "play the field" and my husband likewise. So, we did. We dated, got engaged, and then married. This, after many years and dates looking for the right person to marry. At 23 years of age, we were experienced daters, to say the least.

We were married for 13 years before we received our first blessing of a baby. Another followed. Two beautiful children. We struggled with the thought of our precious children going through the dating rituals. We heard bits and pieces about courtship from the singles at our church. It sounded odd, to be honest, but we were listening. Then, at a homeschooling conference we finally heard organized, thought out, details about a courtship. Finally! A fatherís story of his daughterís courtship and marrying a young man. And all involved enjoyed it! Wow! It hit us like a ton of bricks. This was the answer to the un-dating and marrying of our dear daughters.

Wait! There's more! As this was unfolding, the Lord was knitting another daughter into our family. She would become our eldest daughter. Born and raised of a wonderful man and woman in another state, she would move to Michigan, at the Lord's prodding. She would enter our lives, and then our hearts. She asked my husband, Ron, and I to do her courtship (as her family lives in a distant state and she here). We sought God's will for this lovely girl, and agreed to be the parental role in her courtship. As God continues to knit her into our family, we are in the process of training her to be a wife, homemaker, mother and teacher as we go through the manner of her courtship.

During this time of heavy research about courtship, Ron found that there was a lot of great information on the subject of courtship, but it was scattered about and hard to find. As he prayed it out, he felt led to start a web site where courtship would be the main subject. He would do the work of gathering material for people interested in courtship and be available for help and questions. We have also been asked to do speaking engagements and are available for such as that.

It is our hearts desire to equip you with tools for courtship. I wish courtship had never left America, but it did. What a wonderful gift for parents to give their children. The gift of courtship; protection for their precious daughters and direction for their beloved sons. It is our hope that courtship will be brought back as normative in our society as it was not so many years ago.

Some of you might not have been raised for courtship, but itís not too late! This generation can reset the standard for marriages that can weather the storms of normal life that are dividing our families.