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What’s A Girl To Do?
Doug Phillips


Women are to be highly skilled, thoroughly educated, spiritually strong, agents of God for cultural dominion and family based evangelism. This is a great resource for understanding the Biblical view of womanhood. We cannot be the world-changing church God intended for us until we have a Biblical view of womanhood and her role in the family. Women must realize and enjoy their femininity, not try to measure their self-worth by their ability to fill a man’s role.

Some of the topics Doug speaks on in this CD.

Women enjoying being women.
The Family is Gods instrument of domain.
Fathers of daughters have the greatest potential to change the culture.
Preparing your child for adulthood.
Marriage is normal.
Women have taken on Adams curse.
And much more!

What I have envisioned from listening to this CD is that women are to be like a velvet covered hammer. - Ron Wright

CD $8.99

Rain and Snow
Jill Moore


With unblemished vocals and a strong and tender sound, Jill Moore sings from the scriptures and her own prayers to draw her audience to the deep love she finds in Jesus. In the fourth song, The Promise, she sings of the promise her heart wants to make to her husband and the value of committing to the Lord’s ways, even when it means waiting long and patiently for an answer. Some of the lyrics are from Luke’s poem to her during their courtship. Jill and Luke have been happily married since their successful courtship.

Listen To Sample Tracks

1. I Will Extol the Lord
2. Swept
3. Always with you
4. The Promise
5. Your Love oh Lord
6. Repentance and Rest
7. Lead me back in
8. This Longing
9. You Choose
10. Thorns
11. Search Me
12. So is my Word

CD $9.99

Victory for Daughters :
Home schooled daughters speak out about virtue, serving their fathers, and the noble call of womanhood. Kelly Brown and Sarah, Rebekah, and Hannah Zes


Home schooled young ladies, now in their twenties, rise to extol the virtues of Biblical womanhood. With articulate, well-reasoned speech, the speakers exhort their sisters in Christ to embrace the vision of a joyfully submissive daughter serving in her Father’s home and ministry. The portrait of Biblical womanhood here is strikingly different from that of our contemporary Christian culture. Running time 77 min.

2 CD Set $14.99