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Here are testimonies about couples who have participated in some form of courtship model. Some of the testimonies that are here are from personal interviews, and some are from other sources. We hope you are encourage by the stories of people that have found a different way, then the date- heartbreak cycle.


Jeffrey A. Klick, Ph.D.

For our family, we chose a courtship understanding in light of our two goals stated previously – moral purity and parental involvement. All three of our children married and we actually had five courtship experiences. All five worked to varying degrees, and we learned a great deal through each of them.


Michael and Stephanie Breznau

Our wedding was beautiful and I hope it showed how important God is to both of us. On that special day when we became one in Christ, we shared a gift we saved for the one we would marry…our first kiss ever was given to each other!


Joshua and Noelle Goforth

Doug Phillips from Vision Forum writes in his newsletter about the real love story "Never Been Kissed"